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Our new blog: Daniel W. Elliot - Business author and course writer

  I have decided to combine Business Blunders and Forward Looking Business Training under one place. Visit my blog for weekly discussions on various business topics. 
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Just in Time - Another Sample from the Beancounter

  “Just put the juice on the table, and please bring the liquor over here Juan.” Isaac, who has arrived at work early because today he receives the weekly inventory, points towards the top of the bar.   “You didn’t have Gin on your list Mr. Isaac, so I brought some just in case” Juan advises.   “That’s fine Juan; I will use it eventually.” Bringing something not on the order is something you won’t often see anywhere else.   The two men finish unloading the supplies, then Juan heads for the door. “Hasta luego SeƱor Isaac.”   During the past two years Isaac has been able to get a fairly good idea of what sells and how often. He also knows some products are often backordered depending on the season, so he makes sure he adjusts his orders accordingly allowing enough lead time. If he wants to compete with the other bars, he certainly cannot be running out of product.   Isaac leaves the shipment on the tables for now as he needs to check on an issue at one of his rental suites. Whe

What does Jack Canfield think about The Business Blunders Series?

  The Beancounter - The business student's guide to the real world. Interview by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

Business Blunders - Learn from others!

The Business Blunders Series is a unique and fun approach to learning something new about business through true stories told by our fictional characters. Join  Isaac and his guests to learn something new about business. Samples enclosed. Join the adventures! Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to stay in touch! Look for Daniel W. Elliot, CPA, CGA or Forward Looking Solutions.  Facebook: @businessblunders @forwardlookingsolutions   Linkedin: forwardlookingsolutions Website:

Coming soon: The Tradesman, and The Landlord

The Tradesman - A dedication to trades business, and The Landlord - A tribute to property management.  Check out our sample stories below and drop us a line at if you want your story told.

Meet the Students... and try a sample of the upcoming audiobook version!

Two years later…   “How’d you do on that one Melissa?” Jake questions.     “I don’t know Jake; I hate Income Tax!” Melissa responds passionately.     “And you want to be an accountant!?” laughs Jake.   The fourth-year university students have just finished their mid-term exams and are hours away from starting Spring Break.     “Let’s find Carter; our plane leaves in four hours Jake and we don’t want to miss it!” Not wanting to waste any time, the three friends are pushing their luck booking a flight in the afternoon of the same day as their last exam.   “There you are Carter! Where have you been?” Melissa and Jake finally meet up with Carter in the school parking lot.   Carter rushes up to them. “I forgot my passport and I had to go home and get it!”   Knowing the time frames were tight, the three friends brought their suitcases to school putting them in the back of Melissa’s SUV in the morning so they could head straight to the airport after their exam was over. Due to Carter’s side t

Icecreamgate - Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) loved this story from The Beancounter!

  I love the book; it’s fun, it’s well written, it’s interesting, and I learned some things I didn’t know about. (Jack Canfield, Chicken soup for the Soul) “Did they take anything Mr. Isaac?” “Luckily Pablo, I keep the alcohol locked in this room behind the steel door; but they did take some of the beer.” Isaac arrived this morning to find thieves had broken into the bar and stolen some of his inventory, and Officer Pablo has come to investigate. “I think it was kids, and they only took what they could carry Pablo.” “I agree Mr. Isaac, otherwise they would have taken more. Do you have insurance?” “Yes, but even with a low deductible a claim would raise my premiums.” Officer Pablo takes a few pictures and notes, then heads toward the door. “I will see what I can find out Mr. Isaac.”   Moments later Melissa comes through the front doorway. “Isaac! We need your help!” The young lady is upset and in need of assistance. “It’s Carter, he got himself in trouble last night and the police hav